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Redeem & Indulge - Redeem your hotel cash eVouchers for free meals & free room nights

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1. Vivva Rewards

1.1 Vivva Rewards are cash eVouchers in electronic version (i.e. Vivva eVouchers) for hotel dining and accommodation with different reward conversion rates. Please see Conversion Table below for details.
1.2 Based on the reward conversion rate (2.5% or 5% or 1.25%), members can convert their Vivva Dollars earned in the past to the Vivva eVouchers of their choice.
1.3 Vivva eVouchers can be used at any participating hotels and serviced apartments.
1.4 Reward Conversion Table (eVoucher type is effective from May 15, 2019 onwards, and is subject to change without prior notice.)
Item eVoucher Type Vivva Dollars Required
A HK$50 Dining eVoucher 2,000
B HK$50 Lodgewood by Nina Hospitality Room eVoucher 2,000
C HK$50 Nina Hotels Room eVoucher 1,000
D HK$50 Ah Yung Kitchen Dining eVoucher 4,000


2. eVouchers – Paperless Approach for Efficiency, Convenience and Environment Protection

2.1 4 types of Vivva eVouchers to redeem for different services:
2.1.1 A = Dining eVoucher - to pay for any food & beverage consumption expenses at restaurants & bars, meeting and catering services, except Ah Yung Kitchen
2.1.2 B = Lodgewood by Nina Hospitality Room eVoucher – to pay for hotel room bill at any participating properties under the Lodgewood brand
2.1.3 C = Nina Hotels Room eVoucher - to pay for the hotel room bill at any participating hotels under the Nina Hotels brand
2.1.4 D = Ah Yung Kitchen Dining eVoucher – to pay for any food & beverage consumption expenses at Ah Yung Kitchen
2.2 Vivva eVouchers are valid for 12 months from issue date (conversion date).  The Vivva System ensures that the eVouchers are used on a “first-in, first-out” basis.
2.3 Easy to use – as good as “cash” for redemption
2.3.1 All eVouchers are stored in member’s Vivva account, like in an eWallet. There is no printed version of Vivva eVouchers, only electronic version.
2.3.2 One denomination (HK$50) – All eVouchers of any type are at the worth of HK$50 when settling member’s own bills for accommodation, food & beverage and catering service consumption.
2.3.3 No need to download and display eVouchers at the time of redemption
2.3.4 No black-out dates
2.3.5 No maximum number of eVouchers to be used per redemption
2.3.6 No minimum spending is required
2.4 Both Vivva Dollars and eVouchers are non-transferrable and cannot be exchanged for cash (in part or in whole). No change will be given when the eVoucher amount is larger than the settlement amount.
2.5 eVouchers cannot be used for redeeming hotel gift items (e.g. Hamper, Mooncake, Nina Palmier, Ah Yung Abalone, Hotel Gift vouchers).

3. Online Conversion & Redemption

3.1 Converting Vivva Dollars to Vivva eVouchers online is a ‘real-time’ transaction handled by Members at the Member Login Area of this Vivva Portal. It normally takes few minutes to complete the conversion via the internet.
3.1.1 Member’s login email address and password are required for online conversion.
3.1.2 Members are requested to do the online conversion by themselves or somebody they trust due to security reasons.
3.1.3 Please go to “My Vivva Dollars” page of the Member Login Area for online conversion.
3.1.4 Please go to “My eVouchers” page of the Member Login Area for instant checking after conversion.
3.1.5 If there are any problems with the online conversion, please refer to FAQ for instructions or contact Vivva Customer Service Team to guide you step by step over the phone or via email.
3.1.6 For members who want to do the online conversion at the hotel, our hotel team members can help with the steps and offer you a mobile device for processing while members have to enter their login password and press the “Submit” button to confirm the conversion by themselves.
3.2 The newly converted eVouchers will be shown in the Member’s Vivva account immediately once the conversion is done. Members can then use eVouchers to settle their hotel bills straight away.
3.3 Once the Vivva Dollars are converted to eVouchers, they cannot be reversed back to Vivva Dollars, cancelled, nor changed to another eVoucher type. Therefore, it is recommended to convert your Vivva Dollars to rooms/dining eVouchers 1-2 days before using them and before Vivva Dollars expiry date.
3.4 For eVouchers Redemption at the hotel restaurant or front desk, members are required to do the following at the time of bill payment:
3.4.1 Identify their valid Vivva membership, e.g. show Vivva eCard, quote membership number or mobile phone number
3.4.2 Inform the hotel team of the quantity of eVouchers to be used for settling that bill before they present the guest folio/check
3.4.3 Sign on the guest folio/check to confirm the eVoucher quantity used and acknowledge your redemption
3.5 Valid Vivva membership at the time of online conversion and redemption - Both Vivva Dollars and Vivva eVouchers cannot be used anymore (or even forfeited) when membership status is not valid.


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